Renatus RAIS

Software Features

Tools for Buying

Renatus RAIS: We've partnered with to let you search millions of REO, foreclosure, and pre-foreclosure properties for hidden deals.

Lead Funnel: The only real estate investment software with surgical precision in locating properties, featuring MLS style search.

Maps & Street View: Once you've located suitable properties, we provide mapping & street view details to let you zoom in for a closer look.

Financial Analysis: Renatus RAIS provides a powerful suite of analytical tools helps you make competitive buy offers and helps ensure profitability.

Performance Analysis: Our strategy- based real estate investment software analysis are key features in Renatus RAIS financial toolkit. We support all major investment strategies and don't push you into a specific process.

Rehab Estimator: Automatically estimates home repair costs and their impact on profitability to ensure that you don't end up spending more on repairs than you make from the sale.

Tools for Selling

Ad Blaster: Promote your properties on dozens of real estate investment sites automatically with customizable layout templates to change the look and feel of your advertisements on the fly.

Contact Manager: Automatically track and manage your buyer and seller lists and easily match them with available properties.

The Analyzer Easily store and manage all your properties in a single workflow interface and run analysis & sales jobs for each property.

Document Manager: Quickly and easily organize your contracts, photos, CMA's, appraisals and other collateral material and associate it with the property it belongs with to avoid losing data.

Contract Automation: Quickly complete contract and document forms using form autofill templates and data for each property in your portfolio.

Training & Education: Use built-in training courses that walk you through the real estate investment software step by step, written by experienced investment educators.