Renatus RAIS

About Forescent Inc.

Forescent was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing real estate investment software and education to help individual investors maximize the value of their portfolio. We build quality into everything we do, and view affordability and ease of use as keys to our real estate investment software.

Our Leadership

  • Howard Jachter
    Chief Executive Officer Over 35 years of IT industry experience including executive management at Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Fujitsu, CSC, Peco Energy, Boeing, Pacific Health and Lucent Technologies.

  • Bob Tierney
    Chief Operating Office Over 30 years of executive management experience and an undeniable passion for real estate investing. Bob is also the owner & founder of IQ Investments, an REI educational & training firm.

  • Tim Ventura
    Vice-President of Marketing Two decades of experience in Information Technology, with past roles include technical management at AT&T Wireless and executive management and marketing in the real estate sector at the BPO Automation Group.

  • David Wilson
    Chief Operating Officer Over 35 years experience in executive level roles doing Sales, Marketing, Business Development and General Management with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Datapoint Corporation and Axiom Corporation.

Our Philosophy

Quality Software Solutions

Forescent, Inc. is a real estate software & services provider located in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, easy to use real estate investment software to empower real estate investors nationwide.

We believe in building quality into everything that we do, and strive to provide the highest quality real estate investment software. Our goal is to deliver superior products, and we continue to refine them over time to add new real estate investment software features.

Real Estate Investment Software

Forescent Advantages

  • Industry Expertise

    Renatus RAIS was designed and refined by Real Estate Investors who use the software on a daily basis in their own businesses. Our was to apply real-world knowledge and expertise in a best of breed real estate investment software solution: Renatus RAIS.

  • Technology Leadership

    We've leveraged decades of software and IT industry experience to build scalability, reliability, and ease of use into Renatus RAIS. We've additionally leveraged cutting edge industry technologies such as national foreclosure data feeds to produce high-quality, technologically revelant real estate investment software solutions.