Renatus RAIS

RAIS Affiliate Program

We're in the midst of what is arguably the hottest real estate investment environment of our lifetime and there are hundreds of thousands of people who'd love to have the tools to cash in on this market. As a sales referral partner, you'll be in the profitable position of helping them purchase Renatus RAIS.

Apply here to become a sales affiliate! Simply complete and submit the affiliate request form to get started, and we'll review your info and get back to you right away. Tell us a bit about your market: who do you plan to sell real estate investment software to?

Serious investors use Renatus RAIS real estate investment software to find better properties and make better decisions. Our referral partners are individuals and companies that make generous commissions for helping us reach out to real estate investors with our products.

Partner Benefits

Renatus RAIS is an investment in success, and success is within your reach. Subscribe to Renatus RAIS real estate investment software with a one-time initial setup fee and a low monthly rate and get on the RAIS to building wealth today.

  • commission on each sale

    We provide generous partner commissions on
    our industry-leading Renatus RAIS software.

  • free Renatus RAIS license

    Become a partner and get a copy of RAIS
    Investor for free. Data fees may still apply.

The prices above are for a single-user license. If you are interested in volume real estate investment software licensing discounts for our real estate investment software, please contact us.

Build New Markets

We're breaking new ground. Market size and saturation play a large role in sales volume, and as a Renatus RAIS real estate investment software sales affiliate they're on your side. We deliver a critical business solution that investors are hungry to buy, and as an affiliate you'll be selling a quality product from a highly reputable organization. As a sales affiliate, we regard you as an extension of our company, and we believe in providing our affiliates with real opportunities to build wealth while helping to grow our network.

Partner Tools

We'll provide you everything you need to be successful. You'll have access to pre-written email templates that you can copy and send to your invitees, you'll have access to banners with your Affliliate code that you can put on you website, your blog, your social media sites or wherever, and you'll have access to our Affiliate Back Office where you can log in and see how much money you're making, 24/7.

How To Apply

Ready to get started? Click the "Apply Here" link and fill out the referral partner request form to let us know you're interested.


We respond to all partner requests within 1 business day, and once we've processed your application we'll send you information on the benefits and responsibilities of being a Renatus RAIS partner.

Our Benefits

Renatus RAIS is a first-class real estate investment software platform for serious investors, and it's associated with top-tier vendors and customers.

As a referral partner for Renatus RAIS, you'll earn generous sales commissions on real estate investment software that investors truly want, and you'll benefit from association with a company with a great reputation.

Sales Support

Our partners help us build new markets and introduce RAIS real estate investment software to niche communities, but they don't have to do it alone.

Our sales staff will assist you with developing marketing materials, creating sales campaigns, and even closing the deal for leads that you bring in.

Our goal is to provide you with the support, resources, and tools required to let you build a highly profitable partner sales program. This is one of the many benefits of selling Renatus RAIS real estate investment software.